Advertising Photography

“You Press the Button, We Do the Rest”

Anyone can press a camera shutter. Kodak’s original slogan from 1888 is still relevant a century later, and we still see photography as a miraculous black box that takes care of everything. So what is the point of studying photography?

The fact that photography is not just about pushing a button is evidenced by the work of the students of the Advertising Photography Studio, who are able to combine technological precision with artistic visual quality in a meaningful way. Because contemporary photography requires more than just getting the focus right, we place great emphasis on all aspects of artistic practice, independent thinking and teamwork across all disciplines. A photographer at the Advertising Photography Studio is not just a person with a camera. He or she is a well-rounded creative with a knowledge of fine art and practical skills in marketing, graphic design or production.

Students in the Advertising Photography studio are not taught to follow current trends, but to set them with their own work.