Glass Design

The Glass Design Studio emphasizes naturalness, finding one’s own style and new solutions in mutual communication with the chosen medium as an equal partner in the creative process. These are just some of the credos of the Glass Design Studio – despite its relatively recent establishment (2008), it has already managed to draw attention to itself with a number of important awards for its students or graduates and their rich participation in various exhibitions and traditional competition shows in the Czech and European space. The emphasis on the international context is one of the fundamental pillars of the studio’s work.

The Glass Design Studio has developed into a distinctive representative that has boldly placed itself alongside other art centres in the Czech Republic. At the same time, its setting in a local-geographical and academic environment brings with it all the advantages of this youngest member of the artistic community. Whether it is a novel approach in the grasp of the themes explored, an original approach to glass processing, the expansion of the possibilities of technology by incorporating new media or the orientation towards current trends in the international context. By pushing to the very limits of what is possible, which may to a large extent diverge from the traditional form of understanding of the glass craft, the studio, through its students, finds its own path, which it steadily continues to advance within the framework of global trends in working with glass and other artistic disciplines.