Industrial Design

We are changing the world!

Our work affects the environment and the way we exist.
We see design as a complex quality and think about it on a global scale.
We design products to work well and look great, but we are not indifferent to what they are made of and with what technology, their life cycle and environmental footprint.
We are universally prepared. We can design a paperclip, a chair, a car or even a machining centre.
We use the latest materials and most progressive technologies in our studio projects, allowing us to find innovative design solutions.
We collaborate with companies and have a number of successful realizations under our belt.
We showcase our work around the world and have won many prestigious awards.
Our graduates work in leading Czech and foreign companies and design studios.
We are the continuation of more than 80 years of tradition of teaching industrial design in Zlín and we are proud to be able to say that.
We are inventors and visionaries.

We are designers!