Audiovisual Arts

The Studio of Audiovisual Production is one of the few university departments in the Czech Republic that offers comprehensive education in the fields of audiovisual production – short and feature films, advertising and promotional films and original works.

Teaching in the Audiovision studio focuses primarily on modern methods, while preparing students for practice in the professional field of audiovisual communication, i.e. in fiction, documentary, film, television and advertising production, production and post-production.

Students in the Theory and Practice of Audiovisual Production programme focus on one of six specialisations during their studies – Directing and Screenwriting, Production, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Composition and Visual Effects (VFX). The standard duration of the Audiovisual programme is 3 years at the Bachelor’s level, and 2 years at the continuing Master’s level.

During the course of the degree, students focus on practical film production and exercises, as well as theoretical foundations in audiovisual culture, aesthetics or the history of cinema. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary collaboration and the comprehensive development of skills and knowledge with an interdisciplinary overlap. The link with practice is strengthened by compulsory work placements.