Graphic Design

We live in a world in which we are surrounded by the work of graphic designers, even though we often do not realize it. We take it for granted that someone has designed the layout of a newspaper or magazine in a way that makes it easy to read, that someone has illustrated a children’s book that we like to come back to as an adult because it is pretty, that we do not get lost in the hospital or the office, because someone has designed a good information system, that we can easily find our favourite shop in the maze of the shopping centre because it has a memorable visual style, and that we like to buy a particular yoghurt because it has packaging that makes us salivate. A quality graphic designer can reach a large number of people visually today thanks to social media, and that is also a big responsibility. A well-designed sign, letter, illustration is a good start, but they would not be enough on their own. You need to add an idea to it, to be able to connect them so that they make a meaningful and easy to understand whole, whether in a public space, a printed publication or an electronic medium.