In this minimalist photography series, I use simplicity as a main element. I am inspired by a Japanese minimalist photography, by authors such as Hengki Koentjoro or Takashi Homma. Even though a primary goal of this series was to capture nature in contrast to a wintery snow landscape, this idea quickly expanded by a principle of randomness and imagination. Whilst searching for the motives and taking pictures, I slowly started to realise what the nature must go through in the winter landscape. Even though it may seem quiet, almost as if it were asleep, there seems to be a furious fight of life and death. In the pictures I also focus on a perception of life, its persistence and perseverance in contrast to the seemingly dead winter landscape.

I honour a great respect to nature and in there I find calmness and sanctuary. Because of that, my photographs are based on a silent, watchful, and non-intrusive observation of the world around me in contrast to a silent fight happening just a few inches beneath the snow.


Marek Hofman

Ateliér Reklamní fotografie