Wrapped Trees

At the beginning of the quarantine, our village was hit by frost again. Our spring fruit trees have already begun to bloom and we had to provide them with protection so that they do not freeze and so as they enrich us with fruits this year as well. We had to provide them shelter. Sometimes we have to provide shelter not only for ourselves but also for the things around us. For example, animals, objects and even trees and plants if we want them to bloom and give us a harvest.

The idea of ​​wrapped trees also reminded me of the current, or so to speak, recent situation in which we were forced to stay in quarantine, our own shelter. It is in this situation that we have come to realize that we have to be grateful that we have some shelter at all. Some of us felt imprisoned and some were happy to finally be able to spend more time with their families.

This situation changed the whole world in a split second. The fact that people had to stay in quarantine had a huge impact on our country. Not only mentally and economically, but it has also had a huge impact on our environment. We could hear in the news about how the air cleared itself in various parts of the world. The smog disappeared and the landscape could be seen again in the background. The water cleared itself and the animals could return to their previous shelters, which had been taken away from them by humans. It could have alerted us how beautifully the earth is regenerating when we give it space. People dominate the world and forget that we should live in harmony with nature. Being forced to stay in quarantine has shown us how people affect the world. Wrapped trees are a metaphor for suffocating and slowly destroying our world through our actions, decisions and ways of life. The trees cannot breathe and the animals are trapped in their own shelter. We have been given time and space to realize that we must respect the world around us and that we cannot take everything for granted.


Stanislava Adamová

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