Czech radio

The concept of 100 years, day by day is essentially an interactive web calendar with storytelling elements. Every day of the year, it will show the visitor an event that happened on that day within the existence of radio and is closely related to it. In addition to the text description of the event, the user can listen to an available contemporary recording from the radio broadcast. Each day also includes various technical parameters of the broadcast from the given period, such as the wavelength on which it was broadcast and the well-known announcer. If no major event happened on a particular day, a selection of photos and an audio library take over the spotlight, with mixes of various broadcasts spanning the last 100 years. In case of exceptional or large-scale events, the text information is displayed at the appropriate time, as with the minute-by-minute concept, and the photo gallery is gradually unlocked. The whole concept works on horizontal movement and is linked by a timeline. It is based on the color of the radio and combines a retro impression with a modern layout and distinctive typography.


Radoslav Šraga

Ateliér Digitální design