Revenant Earth

The aim of my bachelor thesis was creating a concept and playable demo for a video game called Revenant Earth. The game focuses on environmental themes and uses a modern pixel art style.

The playable demo is available on

The game has simulated terrain and atmosphere, and an important part is planting plants that are fully procedurally generated and their growths is affected by their surroundings.

Remnants of robotic forces from a past war stalk the desolate plains of Earth, still looking for their targets.
They tend to avoid green and humid areas as those environments quickly degrade their centuries-old mechanisms.

The main quest giver in the game is a fictitious UN agency called UNERA. It facilitates the part of the storyline concerning the lives of humans after escaping to space.

The demo runs in the browser. some technologies used include Javascript, TypeScript, Pixi.js, GLSL shaders.

The playable demo is available on


Matouš Marek

Ateliér Game Design