[TYPE XYZ] – Experimental Variable Typeface

The main idea of the [TYPE XYZ] typeface concept is the transition from the raw form of the characters to contrasting organic forms. The name of the font tries to reflect its key characteristics. XYZ symbolizes variable axes that users can modify at their discretion. This component of the name also highlights one of the main strengths of the font – its flexibility and adaptability. In addition, the name refers to the concept of three-dimensional space, a way of perceiving and displaying an interface in which the font evolves and transforms depending on user input. The individual letters X, Y and Z refer to the specific forms that the typeface can take.

The initial form [X] represents the most geometric and raw form of signs inspired by Brutalist architecture and a strict grid system that only man, not nature, could create. On the other side of the spectrum is the form [Y], which represents an organic and soft form based on biomorphism. Form [Z] then gives the characters a shape that is inspired by the behaviour of trees and sharp branches, giving the impression of wild nature. Combining the values of [Y] and [Z] produces branching yet soft character shapes that can resemble coral artifacts, certain types of microorganisms, or be interpreted as an entirely new kind of living form.

[TYPE XYZ] Test version (0.1) → www.typexyz.xyz Any feedback would be appreciated [ @matyash.xyz ]


Matyáš Hrubý

Ateliér Digitální design