Family Silver

There have always been dreams and a desire to leave my mark, a postcard…something that will stay behind me. The interest in collecting objects or sending postcards stems from childhood. Seeing your father send dozens of postcards to family and loved ones every year before Christmas, or waking up to see your mother’s pictures made of postcards on the walls.

From the introduction of postcards to filokarti and the subsequent era of digitization, when I don’t even know if anyone still sends postcards made of hard paper with a photo or image and an address. The advent of mobile phones, in my view, is killing this fascinating correspondence between people. From today’s point of view, it is much more convenient to send a few photos via a social network than to send a postcard, either to family or friends. My work reflects the current world both from my point of view and from the point of view of thousands of people, it makes us think. The landscape is what surrounds us, thanks to our phones we often forget about it as we mindlessly take pictures and move on. We neglect ourselves with smart devices that deprive us of moments of experiencing the beauty around us. I dismantled these devices and made them my favorite place where digitization has not touched my memories and I will never forget that moment.

Photo: Marie Zdráhalová


Josefína Kuthanová

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