Fragmented (un)reality

My bachelor thesis on topic Fragmented (un)reality is about the fragile relationship between me and my brother suffering from schizophrenia. During the thesis I observed my brother’s behavior, especially his state of mind and the problems he faces on a daily basis.

            The installation involves working with casts of my brother’s head transferred into blown glass and then shock-broken by internal stress, whereby I put hundreds of shards back together and fused them back together as a metaphor for trying to help heal my sick brother. The suspended head surrounding the mirrored surfaces creating the illusion of an altered state of consciousness. The installation is accompanied by a soundtrack evoked by auditory hallucinations.

Installation in the 94 Svit building in Zlín
Detail of a mirror film glued to PET G in a steel frame
Detail of the glass head with built-in audio technology inside

Vernissage in the 94 Svitu building in Zlín, In the glitter of Svitu 2023



Petr Mana

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