Design for leisure activities Ventilator Kubíček

Aviation, aeronautics and related technology have always paid attention to the best possible design.
As early as 1783, the first more efficient shapes and constructions were found capable of conquering the higher boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere, thanks to which the first flying machine of mankind was launched, namely the first hot air balloon by the Mongolfier brothers.
Throughout history, various working processes and machines have been used for inflation. In the very beginning, it was necessary to start a fire, which blew the bellows for better handling, so it was possible to effectively get hot air into the rest of the structure. Only in modern times, with the discovery of new working methods and machines, such as modern propellers, electric fans or internal combustion engines, did balloon inflation and flying gradually become more efficient and secure.
With the advent of modern technologies, workflows and materials, new possibilities emerged where it was possible to move design and construction. These technologies can help us in the production and design of a product for a demanding customer who does not buy any fan, but intends to purchase a complete set containing all the equipment for private flying with a hot air balloon. The customer buys a quality and cleverly made device, which he will present in the social circles in which he moves.
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the overall process of development of a fan designed for inflating hot air balloons in cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturer of hot air balloons Kubíček Factory based in Brno. The main goal was to design and create a completely new fan, with an emphasis on simple clean design, construction and functionality in all environments, including the company’s technology and the potential increase in the price of products in the portfolio.


Vladimír Vykoukal

Ateliér Průmyslový design