Design of Armored Fire Truck

The Tatra has two rotating cannons on the roof and an escape exit. There are also additional lights and beacons on the sides. The shape of the Tatras is futuristic, but still relatively functional. There must be a water refill port on the back.

Armored Tatra has a wide range of uses, because the rear part is variable. For example, there may also be a body for transporting buggies, quads, materials, or people. It can also be used as an army vehicle for fast and safe transfer of the crew, or as a magazine for launching missiles.

I drew the original sketches in virtual reality for a better idea of what the vehicle should look like. Originally the sketches were built on a 6×6 chassis, only later after consultation with the Tatra we decided to add another axle.

After the final visualizations in Photoshop, modeling in the Rhine and vehicle layout came into play.

The tank is marked in blue, which has a volume of about 7000 l of water. Turquoise are marked engines, batteries and water pump. The hydrogen tanks are yellow, which should ensure a range of up to 1500 km. 4 The cabin for 4 firefighters is marked in red.

The production process of the model was lengthy and very demanding. I definitely do not recommend anyone to make a model from polystyrene by hand! I only had to use water-based paints and plaster putties. Nothing ever came out for the first time, there were an awful lot of mistakes on the model, it was downright inexpressible.

Final model


Matej Kuchárik

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