Design of gramophone MOON

It is natural for every generation to think that the technology of their time will disappear and be replaced by the technology of the future. It is probable that this will be the case in many cases, but just as the book kept its face despite the emergence of electronic readers with a digital page format, in a similar way the turntable has retained its charm and favor of many listeners to this day.

The main idea behind the design was based on the effort to create a product that will be different from the current production on the market and at the same time sensitively bear the traditional visual elements related to the classic look of a turntable, which has been evolving for decades.

As the age range of turntable users is relatively large, from adolescents to elderly people, the emphasis on visual appearance and control function was on easy and intuitive handling through a contactless system integrated into the top of the panel.

The design of the turntable was developed in cooperation with the renowned company SEV Litovel, which has extensive know-how in the field of development and production. The final minimalist subtle concept of the turntable is connected with a possible variable choice of space in which the product is to be incorporated so as not to disturb the existing environment and rather become its inconspicuous complementary part.


Judita Šustrová

Ateliér Průmyslový design