Multifunctional treat bag

The multifunctional treat bag offers countless carrying options. The main advantage of the treat bag is the wide range of size adjustments using several sliders. The first carrying option includes a complete set that allows the waistbag to be clipped vertically or diagonally to the lap belt. Thanks to the sliding component that moves along the cedar, the waistbag can be attached to the right or left side, as well as to the front or back. The second option involves the use of a waist belt with a treat pocket, which has a magnetic closure and attaches to the belt with Velcro. The combination with the hip bag will provide an extended space for the necessary equipment, which is a convenient solution when training. Another option is to carry the waistbag on its own for short walks in the city or countryside. The waistbag can also be used on normal days without the dog.

Viewing the treat bag in training interaction.


Vendula Kramářová

Ateliér Průmyslový design