The diploma thesis is a study of the issue of children’s shared bicycles with the resulting results
by designing our own solution in cooperation with Rekola.

The study is beneficial for the possible implementation of this type of transport, which is not yet established in our country, but in some places in the world it has been in daily operation for several years. The final design adheres to all the criteria necessary for implementation in production thanks to readily available and durable components. For children’s bikes, it is important to eliminate their weight, which is guaranteed by the commonly used aluminum alloy hydroforming technology. Relocating the cargo basket above the rear wheel improves wheel control and a custom load securing system has been designed. Mudguards have not only a covering function but also a safety function against the penetration of clothing into the string.

The imaginative shape of the frame aesthetically harmonizes with the curves of the other parts of the bike and fulfills several functions such as protecting the belt, protecting the converter from a strong impact on the bollard or other unevenness of the road, and at the same time it is a supporting element of the entire bike. The bike is ergonomically designed for children from 130 to 160 centimeters.

The shared bike system is economically and ecologically the best possible transport for
villages and towns. Providing children with the possibility of proper transport habits at the age when they are most teachable is very important and soon perhaps realistic.


Barbora Tichá

Ateliér Průmyslový design