Welding table with filter

The W-Table welding table with built-in filter was created in cooperation with Donaldson Industrial s.r.o. and Ecointech s.r.o. The result of this collaboration is a product looking for a new solution in the field of work machines. The proposal brings a redesign of the entire existing concept of the welding table. It offers several unconventional details, such as integrated screens improving the effect of dust and smoke extraction during welding or grinding and their adjustability, according to current needs. At the same time, it fulfills the requirements for ergonomics for work and thus aims to reduce the workload that the welder is exposed to during the work process.

Shaping is based on requirements for functionality and feasibility, but perceives it only as a basis for aesthetic processing. This is done in sharp crystal shapes that give the final product the appropriate dynamism.


Samuel Mrlina

Ateliér Průmyslový design