The project focused on design of the new form of computer case, in colaboration with Lanik Company. The product considers both the aestethics and function with the main goal to create balance between these two aspects. The case aims on the eyecatching form of the main cover and perfectly funtioning frame with implemented photocatalitic aircleaner, which brings added value to this product.

For the final design I chose the transparent cover created from two polycarbonate parts. Front parts are made from the clear perspex and the rear part from the black painted perspex, so the seam blends away and also serves for hiding cables. This part allows the viewer to look inside the inner space of the computer, which forms one of the crucial aestethic aspect of this product and protects the components from damage and external impacts.

The frame of the case si situated as combination the three materials. The aluminium rods which forms the weight-bearing part with the help of the legs, aluminium sheet designed as frame section for the motherboards and holder of the photocatalitic aircleaner. The base bearing the ports for the componets of the computer and ports of the accesories are made from alucobond. The cover of the air cleaner holds the logo of the product, designed especially for this project.

The front cover is decorated with the polyester film with the printed geometric patern, which follows the airflow inside of the case and optically shifts the eyesight of the viewer upwards.


Marek Ondřej

Ateliér Průmyslový design