A Guide for Digitizing Collections

The diploma thesis focuses on the digitization of collections of museums and galleries in the Czech Republic. Its project output is a Guide for Digitizing Collections, the aim of which is to provide a spectrum of available information on the issue. The manual contains a description of the digitization processes of collection items in gallery and museum institutions.

A guide deals with setting the goals of the digitization of collections, the official methodological instructions of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the funding programs of the National Restoration Plan, and the management of the digitization project itself – planning, technological equipment, digitization in the own digitization center and the possibilities of subcontracting companies, current trends in archiving and the use of collection management systems, instructions for backing up digitized items, standards for creating metadata, publishing collections and copyright. The last chapter of the guide deals with the further potential of using digitized media in promotion, educational materials, catalogs and the use of new and immersive technologies – virtual and augmented reality and mobile applications.


Eva Šišková

Arts Management