Café Guerbois

The Café Guerbois exhibition originates in the learning to see interdisciplinary photography course of the founder, photographer and educator, Yosaif Cohain, who presented this seminar to the Zlin environment at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomáš Bati University in 2021. As the name itself suggests, the point of the course is to learn to see, in the sense of slowing down and thinking about the image in the camera lens. What is even more important for Mr. Cohain, however, is to break away from the established rules of photography and focus on the enjoyment of the process. In doing so, he greatly helped the students involved to show their talent and interest in experimentation. This allowed for very dynamic and distinctive photographs, which were further presented in the exhibition. It featured work by 20 students in Glass Design, Shoe Design, Advertising Photography Studio, Space Creation and Arts Management.


Viktorie Sedlářová

Arts Management

Student's works