Communication Strategies of Public Art Galleries in the Czech Republic

The diploma thesis deals with communication strategies of public art galleries in the Czech Republic. The focus of the theoretical part is on the definition of the terms gallery and art museum, typology of galleries, their financing and mission. It outlines the role of arts management and arts marketing and critically deals with the marketing approach of public galleries with respect to their focus and mission.

The practical part of the work pays attention to the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, which feels the need to create a communication strategy and visual identity. It looks for a suitable model for its implementation based on the analysis of the gallery and research in similar institutions. Through case studies and semi-structured interviews, it examines the approaches and experiences of representatives of selected art museums and galleries, which are analogous to the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín. The result of the work is a set of recommendations for the needs of the institution, based on previous analysis and findings.


Šárka Michalíková

Arts Management