The Evolution Of Menstrual Aid Design In The Context Of Media Communication And Wellbeing. Destigmatization Of Menstruation As A Theme Of The Exhibition

The topic of the thesis is design that helps and its impact on the destigmatization of menstruation. The work discusses the development of menstrual product design in the context of media communication and wellbeing, and its positive impact on a more sustainable menstruation. Based on research and available sources, it also examines the current situation not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The aim of the thesis is to popularize the topic of menstruation and present this issue from a different perspective. The resulting project of the practical part is the design of an exhibition, which aims to present this complex topic with an original and inspiring approach, thereby dismantling prejudices associated with it for centuries. Although it is an intimate subject, it undoubtedly deserves the attention of the general public and a space for a change in approach to controversial or sensitive questions.


Jana Látalová

Arts Management