Audiovisual installation of Slovak rap

The project focuses on solving the imaginary problem of how to portray and retell the viewer’s story of Slovak rap in a gallery environment using digital media and tools. The installation is intended to provide the visitor with an audiovisual experience as well as informative value on the topic of Slovak rap and its culture. The installation offers multiple perceptual experiences, from the music itself, to the visual representation of the lyrics, to the design of the space itself. After viewing, the visitor feels enriched and informed in a genre that he or she previously found funny and unserious.

In the creation of the entire installation, a logic was chosen that ensures a complex and coherent experience for the audience. The whole installation is thus divided into three main parts: informative, audiovisual and decorative.

Information section

In the information part of the installation, the viewer interactively walks through an information display, where he or she learns about the stages of the development of Slovak rap, the themes that were often addressed in the lyrics, and the important performers who shaped this musical genre.

Audiovisual section

In the audiovisual part of the installation, the viewer watches a projection of the lyrics of the selected songs and at the same time listens to the music of the corresponding songs from the individual stages of Slovak rap. For each projected song, information such as the title of the song, the artist, the album and the year in which the song was released are displayed.

Decorative section

In the decorative part of the installation, the viewer is accompanied by the environment, which adds to the variety and animation of the overall experience. Video clips and period photographs, projected on flat pillars, complete the atmosphere and immerse the viewer deeper into the culture and environment of Slovak rap.


Samuel Bugeľ

Ateliér Digitální design