Web applications are becoming more and more widely used thanks to the democratization of various technologies. To be considered of high quality, such applications must meet various requirements, use current technologies, be visually friendly, and most importantly, be easy to use and access. The author of this thesis decided to do a more in-depth research on these topics and, with the help of the obtained knowledge, to create his own concept and a basic functional version of a web tool.

The topic on which the project focuses is the creation of color palettes. There are many similar sites and programs that generate colours or work with them in similar ways. This means a lot of inspiration and competition at the same time. A less numerous original feature included in the application the thesis is about is the colour theory manual. It is intended for creative individuals who are interested in the topic of shades and aesthetic combinations and want to broaden their horizons.

Video showcase

Image documentation

Functional prototype


Vojtěch Janošík

Ateliér Digitální design