Dynamic identity of Light Art festival in Trenčín

In my thesis, I focus on the development of dynamic identities, their differences from static identities, and I examine the thought processes involved in creative work. In the theoretical part, I discuss a review of dynamic and light identities, and the types and methods of their use in practice.

In the practical part, I consider the procedures of creative work when creating designs. I divide these into several phases, from initial straightforward ideas, through exploring various techniques, to finally developing the final design.

Written master thesis

Link to Website Prototype

Link to Mobile Prototype

In addition to the development of dynamic identities, I also incorporate other foundations such as creating for the future, addressing the brief, refining the target audience, and developing identity on a motion-based foundation.

I develop the identity of LAF into several different output formats that are typical for a creative event.


Diana Randjaková

Ateliér Digitální design