For my final thesis project, I have decided to focus on the practical application of personal branding to facilitate my entry into the dynamic world of work. By establishing a strong personal brand, I aim to present myself as a studio and open doors to larger clients than would be possible as an individual freelancer. My brand will serve not only as an identity but also as a showcase of my skills and competencies, becoming an integral part of my portfolio itself.

The name MERKUY is derived from the East Slovak dialect and has been slightly modified for better readability by English-speaking audiences. The rabbit, the main visual motif, reflects my Chinese zodiac sign and also alludes to the dynamism of a young identity that is modern, bold, and constantly in motion. This is reflected in the main visual element, a stylized 3D sculpt. In addition to the logo, it is also used in a short “loading” animation, as a quick stamp, and on various parts of the web portfolio.

To complement my identity, I have created a wide range of printed materials that replace traditional paper communication and deepen relationships with potential clients.


Viktória Kolesárová

Ateliér Digitální design