The topic of my bachelor thesis is a 3D visualized presentation of a designer brand concept. The idea of this project is to adapt the everyday and work clothes of Slovaks in the past to today. The thesis deals with a possible alternative of presenting real brand products modeled in 3D software, using a representation in virtual space.

With the rapid development of the digital world and the dynamic shift in the field of fashion, new opportunities arise for design brands to present their products. More and more of the real world is moving into the virtual world, and in terms of user experience, this brings great pluses that largely outweigh the negatives of this trend. The work will focus on the combination of creativity, design and technology to create
unique environments for the presentation and exploration of fashion elements, contributing to the debate on the future of brand presentation in the digital world. The main inspiration for the project comes from the Slovak countryside. I am primarily concerned with adapting the design of historical garments used for work or everyday wear to the contemporary era. As the products used to be handmade from natural materials, their production took a long time, but this was balanced by the durability of the product. The intention of this designer brand concept is also to create a dialogue between tradition and modern design. Through the way of presentation, I try to find a way to use an alternative approach in communication and reaching the user.

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