Glass figurines

This bachelor thesis concerns the craft of making glass figurines, as well as how useful the knowledge of the technology can be when transforming intuitive drawings and paintings into glass objects.

I introduce the technology, history and current state of this craft and point out some personalities from this field who I find the most important. I explain my approach to both arts and craft. I show some examples of my previous projects, so you can understand the principles of my way of thinking and my relation to creation.

In the practical part I discover and widen my automatic (or more precisely spontaneous and intuitive) drawing and painting. This approach is pure, authentic and straight, which is why I appreciate and enjoy it so much. It allows me to change the viewpoint of seeing reality and to extend it and reflect on it. The result is a series of thirty smaller, as well as larger objects.


Alžběta Vocelová

Ateliér Design skla