Design of cargobicycles QuickTime

QuickTime is a project that deals with the design of truck e-bikes for delivery companies such as DHL, PPL, Zásilkovna and others.

The result of this project are three truck wheels.

The first (three-foot) version develops the idea of drastically shortening the rear structure and thus shortening the overall length of the wheel while maintaining a large cargo space. I divided this idea into two branches, where in one I deal with the design of a three-foot wheel for production in today’s conditions and in the other it is a futuristic concept. This version also develops the idea of connecting a truck wheel with a pallet truck, which facilitates loading and unloading in warehouses and depots. A transport box was also designed for the bike.

Jednostopá verze nákladního kola je zajímavá svou koncepcí snížení těžiště za pomoci protažení hlavní nosné trubky (spodní) pod střed šlapání a snižuje tím i podstavu pro náklad. Pro jednostopé cargokolo jsem ověřoval i verzi s kThe single-track version of the truck wheel is interesting for its concept of reducing the center of gravity by extending the main support tube (lower) below the center of the pedal and thus reduces the load base. For the single-track cargocol, I also tested the version with the concept of shortening the rear structure, but after expert consultations it turned out that with such a wheel there would be a risk of falling over the axis of the rear wheel. To compensate for this problem, the front of the wheel would have to be extended, in which case the concept of shortening the rear structure no longer makes sense. When designing the single-track version, a real truck wheel was produced, which is offered to delivery companies for rent.

The resulting QuickTime designs.


Tomáš Hořín

Ateliér Průmyslový design