Experiental Floor in The Baťa Palace

Transformation of one of the floors of Baťa’s palace on Wenceslas Square into an adventurous space. A space that excites and will remain in people’s memories and where they will want to return.

The primary inspiration was a mushroom from below, its leaves and moss. Imagine coming in and finding yourself in a forest where you would become a liliput – everything around you would be bigger than in real life.

Gradually, the leaves placed on the ceiling became more abstract and the ceiling was connected with them. The aim was to create a ceiling that will be functional in terms of light and acoustic.

This brings us to the piano among the mosses. The visitor suddenly engages in another perception besides sight, touch, taste (bar). Mossy hills are designed for relaxation and fun, but who would not want to walk in the moss, can move freely along the path among the mosses.

The space would be used for concerts, social and corporate events or even for a regular visit.


Markéta Hašková

Ateliér Tvorba Prostoru