Home on Wheels

The goal of this bachelor’s project was to design minimalist living – a trailer intended for living for whole year. It is a cheaper and more ecological option than a classic house, and it will certainly find its supporters these days. I conceived the work primarily as research into whether it is possible to build a high-quality and designer roof over your head even with little money and self-help. At the same time, it offers many possibilities, a closer relationship with nature, and above all, freedom when moving to another location.

During designing process, I created 4 main requirements, which I finally managed to achieve: year-round living, weight up to 3.5 tons, ease of assembly and the lowest possible price.

It is a camper trailer that can be hitched to a car, so it was necessary to use lightweight materials. For the interior and furniture, I chose OSB boards, which creates an interesting structured surface. Due to the small space inside, some parts are multifunctional: a bench with a table turns into a bed.

A trailer hitched to a car
A view of the tilted terrace with an awning
Interior – dining/working space
View of the bathroom (at the back), stove and entrance door
Schema of interior installation for sitting/sleeping


Anna Navrátilová

Ateliér Tvorba Prostoru