Revitalisation of the Park and Public Space in Olomouc

This diploma thesis deals with a park and adjacent public space in the Olomouc housing estate, which
currently has a very unmaintained impression. As part of the work, a detailed analysis of the current state
is carried out, from which the further work progress is based. The proposed solution should revive,
cultivate and adapt the place to the current needs of various population groups. Several new objects are
proposed for the area, including a gazebo on the pond, a footbridge and a children’s playground in the
former fire reservoir. The proposal also deals with a more logical route system in the space and a more
efficient layout of the adjacent car park. Moreover, the space is linked by the colour red, which is also
used in the visuals of the city of Olomouc.



View of the pond and the footbridge
Amphieater and gazebo on the pond
Sitting by the new café
Sitting by the pub
Water fountains and drinking fountain by the playground
Playground in the former fire reservoir


Veronika Vostalová

Ateliér Tvorba Prostoru