Visual communication of the music festival

This bachelor thesis deals with the world of visual communication of music festivals. In the
theoretical part it examines the basic pillars of visual identities and brand systems. It
describes how the perception of music in the context of identities can be interwoven into the
actual creation of communication outputs. Based on a research of already established
festivals, it explores how these events are evolving today and what media they work with.
In the practical part, it explores the creation of a dynamic brand for a fictional festival with
a focus on the electronic music genre. The aim is to create a concept of consistent
communication that manifests itself not only in the online and offline environment, but also
in the projections on stage during the event.

„In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in
the expert’s there are few.“
– Shunryu Suzuki

The visual identity is built on colour gradients that reflect the shades at sunset. I worked with the Residenz Grotesk font. The font is recoloured in shades of green through blending mode difference. The projections for the stage were prepared through TouchDesigner and After Effects.


Kristýna Gežová

Ateliér Digitální design