Visual identity and web of WegWijs

My thesis work deals with visual identity and means of online communication of a Creative Hub designed for disadvantaged youth in Gent, Belgium. The project began during my Erasmus trip, where I studied a program focused on the application of design thinking methods on practical cases. Together with my team I spent winter semester on research of our target group’s needs and after I came back I’ve dealt with design and development of the visual part of the project.

The theoretical part of my thesis contains research on the life and problems of our target group and analysis of several similar projects. In the practical part, I describe the process of creation of hub’s visual identity, which aims to connect youth and local organizations and by following support the development of local youth talents. The practical part showcases final results including visual identity assets, web platform as well as social media posts. The practical output of the work is the website’s prototype that I designed in Figma, its mobile version and posts for Instagram.


Jekatěrina Jefremova

Ateliér Digitální design