Carpe Diem

Bachelor’s thesis on memento mori.

The bachelor’s thesis, entitled Carpe Diem, deals with my subjective relationship to the phenomenon of death. This concept I communicate through the re-creation of found dead animal bodies. In my work, I draw mainly from my childhood memories, empirical experience and the inspiration of artworks. I open the door to controversial discussion and encourage the viewer to reflect on their own existence.

Today’s society still considers fur as a luxury item and a symbol of wealth. I criticize the consumerist and very fast pace of society, which has a huge impact on the environmental level and last but not least I play with the metaphor of one of the last garments of the majority population – the body bag.

Observing the post-mortem changes of bodies has inspired me to construct a kinetic device that vertically inflates and deflates the bag.

“In my youth I renounced eating meat, and the day will surely come when people like me will look upon the killing of animals as they look upon the killing of humans today.” Leonardo da Vinci



Zuzana Škorpíková

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