Speech adventures

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design a speech therapy application with a focus on home practice of problem vowels in the Slovak language. The application is designed for preschool children struggling with mild communication disorder. The main purpose of the app is to motivate children to regularly practice speech therapy, through the use of gamification elements and attractive visual design. The app creates an environment that actively engages children in the exercises in a playful way, using illustrations and interesting elements that ensure that the exercises are motivating for the children. The app is customised in settings so that children can make improvements at their own pace. It is hoped that by regularly reinforcing the knowledge acquired through the interactive elements, children will not only gain more confidence in their abilities, but also a desire to develop their communication skills. The overall intention is that the app will not only assist in problem solving vocabulary but also support children’s speech development.


Terézia Križanová

Ateliér Digitální design