The topic of the diploma thesis is the issue of scenography in the theater. The diploma thesis deals mainly with theatre in the round, projection, and the boundary between the stage and the auditorium. The aim of the work is to propose an interpretation of the 1984 dystopian novel by George Orwell on the theater stage. Orwell’s themes are very close to me, and I am often aware of today’s manipulation of humanity and the lack of awareness of how easily we can lose our freedom. Crossing the borders is achieved by cameras, which come down among the spectators and their faces are projected on the circle and also by the direct communication of the actor to the audience.

For scenography, I create a circular design inspired by a hamster wheel. It symbolizes today’s stress and how we are in one circle. A projection full of social networks, messages and reminders takes place on this glass circle. My goal is to point out that we should slow down our haste today and be more with our thoughts instead of technology.

“The technology that connects us also controls us” – The Social Dilemma
“The things you own end up owning you” – Fight Club
These quotes describes my main purpose of the design.



Michaela Křenková

Ateliér Tvorba Prostoru