Scenography – Dostojevskij Trip

Literature as a narcotic by Vladimir Sorokin. Seven drug addicts are eagerly awaiting the dealer’s arrival. So far, they had taken Célin, Faulkner, Sartre, who could afford it, even the more expensive Nabokov. After ingesting a newly developed collective drug, Dostoevsky, they all fall into the space of the novel The Idiot and become its characters. However, the language and the heroes of the novel gradually mutate and turn into a kind of psychedelic variant of themselves.

In terms of scenography, the social network Instagram is a drug. Bored teenagers are in the luxurious bathroom of the parents of one of them. Their eyes are fixed on the phone screens. Everything on the screens of their phones is projected on the wall on a large scale so that it is visible to the audience in the auditorium. The dealer brings a Dostoevsky instagram profile. Seven addicts fall into Idiot in an instagram window. Thanks to this play, they receive more instagram hearts. Then the popularity waned. The Instagram window disappears. Addicts are trapped in a cube and dying.

Beginning of the play
Falling into Idiot play
“CHEMIST: That’s enough. As my boss says, the experimental phase is over. It is now possible to state with certainty that undiluted Dostoevsky has deadly effects.”
Costume desing for teenagers of the play


Michaela Křenková

Ateliér Tvorba Prostoru