Lethal Lights – 2D stealth game

Stealth and strategic 2D game, based on a simple idea – the player can not get illuminated by the lethal light, emitted by the enemy. The player is represented by a white ball, and enemies get all the other colors. They randomly move within the predefined paths, rotate, or persuade the player, following his current position. There are seven levels, some require a key to be found and taken so that the player can unlock force fields leading to exit points. There are also some obstacles, that can be moved to create a shadow. The colorful lights can be beautiful and immersive, but the player can not get distracted and caught unprotected.

Shadows naturally change according to enemy movements.

The game runs in common internet browsers, or it can be downloaded and run on Windows computers as a local file, which runs faster and more flawlessly. It is also recommended not to forget to turn on sound, or use headphones.

On-line game can be played here

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Albert Weis

Ateliér Digitální design