The Confinement 3D simulation

The individual project, used to get familiar with 3D environment creation a game engine Unity. The output is a virtual space, in which the player moves and looks around, trying to explore the building and get outside. The intention was to replicate my feelings of a autumn Covid-19 lockdown, that trapped me for weeks into total loneliness and insecurity. The compound is divided into several sections, including obstacles and text messages. But is there really any escape point? Or is it just a terrifying nightmare? Be there as long as you like.


– movement about using arrow keys / WASD
– looking around using mouse cursor

The environment contains some texts

You can play the game on-line and try it out – don’t forget to adjust your sound volume, and use the controls, described above.

On-line game here

Texts are legible only from certain angles


Albert Weis

Ateliér Digitální design