MoodGuard is a mobile app for people with mental issues, most commonly caused by illness or tough life situations. The app can however be used by those, who want to keep an eye on their mental wellbeing. Or those, who experience anxiety and stress from everyday tasks. Everyone deserves to be happy, but not all people have the optimal conditions for that.

MoodGuard video showreel
Main screens in MoodGuard

MoodGuard is meant to be used by people with will to act in order to get better. It works as a monitoring tool, into which user makes an everyday evening input – by recording an overall mood, feelings, symptoms, or activities of that day. Using supportive mechanisms, MoodGuard tries to teach user the right and healthy lifestyle and self-respect. It can be hooked to medicals or family members, or it can be sealed off and work as a standalone app.

MoodGuard combines fundamental functions

Recording of factors that impact mood is the main function. Also included is a safety plan, filled in when the user fells normal – best with an assistance of a medical. The safety plan can help in emergencies, contains reasons to live, user’s strategies, or warning signs.

The app can also generate notifications (customizable in settings) – these can remind to log the day, or to accomplish a personal goal. When the user feels bad, MoodGuard can send some uprising and kind notifications to help – by reminding of better memories and already accomplished goals.

MoodGuard was made as Master’s degree, successfully defended in front of the committee 14. 6. 2022. The main output was the interactive prototype, powered by Figma. It can be tested in the link below.

On-line app prototype

Daily log is divided into steps
Many interface elements can be customized
Aside from monitoring, there is a safety plan and notification system


Albert Weis

Ateliér Digitální design